Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Mary Katrantzou x Topshop 
how breathtaking are these?! i've been obsessed with Mary's flamboyant prints and silhouettes ever since i last saw her designs during the previous fashion week, and been super excited to hear that she was going to be collaborate with Topshop - crazy rad or what!? the collection is finally out and will be on sale Feb 17 onwards, and here i am wishing that one or two of these precious pieces would land in my humble country. definitely want one of those dresses.

holy crap. didn't realize i actually kinda miss blogging here, and missing out on the madness that is #NEWYORKFASHIONWEEK - i have not been able to keep up and i am bummed! work's been swarming (i am thankful for my job i am thankful for my job i am thankful for my job) and i have made a little deal with myself - will ignore all (okay, almost) fashion-related stuff, focus on work and INDULGE on the weekend. well, i did cheat a little since i simply just CANNOT resist not putting up this beautiful lookbook here.

so, see you this weekend! and happy lovers' day, y'all 

[via Topshop]

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