Tuesday, February 21, 2012

sleigh bells

Altuzarra Fall 2012
i simply cannot say no to a good jacket, and Altuzarra makes really good ones, as you can see. and damn those high-slits and velvet pants! i was oooh-ahhhing all over my television when these appeared on the runway. most interesting thing though, are the drapings of bells all over the waists and hems ala belly dancers. so DIY-able, yay!

"I thought that Joseph Altuzarra hit it out of the park this season. I was thrilled to see the ethnic embellishments, fut details, and, of course, those boots! This look mixes textures so well. The heavy knit of the skirt and the toughness of the jacket are such a dream!" - Taylor Tomasi Hill on the collection and the second look from the last row of the collage.

[via Fashionista, collage by Murderina]

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